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  1. agent-Achika Jun 11, 2015

    Gd Morning Mel May!
    -Nope I'm still technically
    in school but currently not
    enrolled on any campus
    bcuz I am job hunting.
    Once I find a stable job
    then I plan on re-enrolling
    somewhere & finishing up
    my leftover classes I need
    to transfer to a Cal State.
    -I am doin fine, thanx for
    asking it means a lot.
    -It sounds like ya holidays
    went exceptionally well.
    Glad ya had fun w/ya family.
    -I've never heard of the anime
    series called: (Norigami).
    Is it popular or interesting?
    -The only anime I'm watchn
    right now is: (Le Chevalier).
    Its a 14th century themed
    series & a: mystery/josei/drama
    genre aimed at adults for obvious
    reasons. Its too complex for kiddies.
    But I'm addicted to it lmao.
    I have several more series I
    need to finish this yr.
    I am currently reading 2 mangas.
    Called: (Sankarea) & (All U Need is Kill).
    -I accept ya apologies. No problem.
    -Whats ya major in Uni?
    Btw (Uni) = (University).
    -How much longer until ya done?
    -Lookin fwd to any new live-action or
    new animated films coming
    out this year at all?
    -I may miss this yrs
    anime expo myself.
    Mainly this Summers.
    Another one is taking
    place in the Fall in another
    city which means if I do
    go then thts more money
    I'll have to spend ugh.
    -How do ya feel abt Smartphones?
    Do you have one? Or getting
    a new one in the future?

  2. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Jun 06, 2015

    Hello there!
    Just passing by to ask for little help as well as advice, I just joined S20-signature studio and I really want to make the group active again, because that group is something in my eyes that will encourage many members to start making graphic art from small size, and then little by little it'll definitely encourage members to make real wallpapers etc. in future.
    So how exactly we can start new rounds? any rules, theme(s) etc we have to keep in mind?
    Compi-san adviced me to ask for your help so here I am.

    btw, Nice to meet you! ^0^/

  3. TheGarbageCollector May 15, 2015

    Quote by melymay Sup, s20. I'm not very active on MT anymore, so won't be able to help out or organize things as often as I had been. This group was the first group was the first group on MT that I was really active in. This is the group that inspired me to start making graphics, and it wasthe members of this group that encouraged me to aencouraged doing so. In short, I don't want to see this group die.

    Let's talk about what kind of schedule will work for you all. I'm thinking once a month, because I think that's how often I can sit down and commit to organizing a signature challenge.

    I think the older members have gotten very busy lately, me, you, hitsu chan, horseradish. But i like this group and haven't made a sig in ages!
    I think monthly rounds is a good idea. But I'm still not sure if everyone will participate. On the other hand, there are many new people on mt these days, i think we can get them to join too somehow? Competitions aren't fun with only 3 competitors you know :(
    But idk how to make people participate .. Any Ideas? MInitokyo haTes mobile users apparently

  4. agent-Achika May 15, 2015

    Gd Morning Melmay!
    -I appreciate ya responding
    to my unexpected PM.
    Thanx a bunch.
    -I have been fine
    these days just super busy.
    I am focused on my career,
    & getting another job.
    -How has life been w/U?
    -How was ya Xmas & New Yrs
    of 2014 during Winter season?
    Have any of Ur 2015
    resolutions come true?
    Working or in college,
    Vacational school or
    trade school of any kind?
    -Seen any new live-action
    or animated films lately?
    -I'm asking bcuz in all
    honesty I have forgotten.
    Do you by chance read
    mangas at all?
    -Gone traveling to
    any anime expos
    outta state or locally?
    Have any pets?
    -Married with kids?
    -Feel free to ask me
    some questions too.
    I rly don't mind at all.
    Pls reply & be sure
    to have a great day.

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